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On behalf of the management and staff, I welcome you to OakSprings Hill School.

 As you learn about us, I am confident that you will discover that our actions and beliefs make our school a special place. Whether in the classroom, or on the playground, our pupils work hard to meet challenges and goals placed before them. We strive daily to be a school with high expectations, coupled with never-ending gifts of care, compassion and patience.

 The preschool (Toddler and nursery section) builds a solid foundation of learning skills and real world experiences. Our curriculum(British/Nigerian) includes a strong literacy foundation, exploration of our world through social studies, hands-on experiential science, and problem solving math. The atmosphere is nurturing and supportive to meet the intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of all of our pupils. Classes are taught with developmentally appropriate expectations in mind, along with an emphasis on social skills, designed for each age group.

 Our Primary school provides students with many opportunities to develop their academic skills, acquire knowledge and understanding, and explore special talents and interests. At the primary section, we are proud of being able to offer students an excellent, diverse and challenging pro- gram that is student centred and developmentally appropriate. We regard each subject taught of equal importance. Our teachers are dedicated professionals focused on providing every student an excellent education based on British/Nigerian primary school curriculum and current instructional practices.

 Our educational journey keeps one eye on the future and one on the present, to fill each year with opportunities to explore, dream, create and reflect. Students join this learning expedition to develop life-long habits of learning. In addition, we strive to place character development and attention to our school Core Values at the very heart of student growth. We believe that respect, responsibility, personal integrity, empathy and communication should be foundational to every student’s learning experience at OakSprings Hill School.

 We have dynamic and passionate group of professionals who truly enrich our school with their diverse talents and experiences. As you get to know them, you’ll witness their love of children and young people. Furthermore, their enthusiasm for teaching and the care for your child will be obvious. We also appreciate the important role that parents have in the lives of their children, and encourage your help and participation. There are many opportunities for you to become involved in school life, where your contributions of time and talent are critical com- ponents to our home/school partnership.These critical years are important for the development of self-esteem and life-long attitudes towards learning and relationships.

 We believe that the success of a solid educational program rests in having a partnership with parents and students. We encourage you to get involved! Our staff is here to help you find success in OakSprings Hill School.

 If OakSprings Hill School becomes your choice, and we hope it will, you will be joining a program that has a tradition of excellence. Therefore, come with us to explore, develop, investigate, create, imagine, question, organize, play, and most of all, have a great learning experience!